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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Moving in

I just moved in to my new place and there is so much to do! The girls rooms are completely ready, but the rest of the house is in chaos. I can't wait to finally be settled in without having to worry about unpacking or organizing things. In a few days the backyard will be complete with the first phase of landscaping and the playset for the girls will be up. So exciting. Mya and Keira have been asking about it ever since we moved. Mya's so cute. She keeps saying, "Can you build that for me?". Anyhow, beside feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed, I am very content with my surroundings. I love hearing the water falling into the koi pond at night as I fall asleep. It is the most relaxing sound I have ever heard.

Francis has the girls tonight and I miss them terribly. It is really hard not seeing them every single moment but that's something I need to get a grip with. I have them the majority of the week and I often find it difficult to keep up with doing errands etc. so I enjoy the break to do the things I need to do...but I just miss them so much. I know Francis misses them too when they're with me. At times it can be very frustrating but no matter what, we are trying to make things work out in the best interest of the children.
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